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De Panache is a well-known interior design company in Bangalore, India. We have an expert team that provides various services including designing homes with utmost care and personalization for our clients who want classic or modern styles as per their needs - all provided by us! We specialize in many fields like facade construction/renovation (including façade painting), flooring installation & designs; partition making etc., so do not worry if you're looking out for something specific because chances are we can accommodate it accordingly. We are the best interior designers in Bangalore, and we promise you 100% satisfaction with our services. We work on projects from single rooms to complete home designs - providing 3D visualization until completion as this helps reduce costs while also helping give us new ideas for improvement/future changes if necessary!

Our Interior designers in Bengaluru work hard to convince you of the value of your time and money. If they finish projects within a certain timeline or on budget, then everyone wins! No matter what type renovation is needed--from bathroom remodeling all the way up to complete home renovations--our professional team can make it happen for you with excellent results that will leave no one disappointed. Contact our home interior designers in Bangalore today without costing anything extra because we know how important this decision is.

Address: No-45, 7th Cross, 16 B Main, 4th B Block, Koramangala Extension, Near Koramangala B.D.A Complex, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560034

Phone No: +919620131348

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Atreyee Choudhury

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