Since our founding in 2013, MEI has worked with Marshallese community members to raise educational attainment levels by hosting scholarship workshops, assisting with financial aid applications, and holding enrollment fairs.​ Marshallese enrollment in higher education climbed from 14 Marshallese college students enrolled at NorthWest Arkansas Community College and only 1 student enrolled at the University of Arkansas in 2013, to roughly 40 Marshallese students at NWACC and 6-8 at the University of Arkansas by 2019. Still, with an estimated population of 12,000 in the NWA region, the number of Marshallese enrolled in higher education is disproportionately low.

Currently, our focus in education is to:

1.  increase retention rates among current Marshallese students in higher education,

2.  ally with Marshallese youth leaders to promote the importance of education and cultural traditions among their peers,

3.  implement a culturally-appropriate leadership program for Marshallese students

4.  provide resources for K-12 through classes and curriculum development 

5.  develop an online textbook as a resource (target: 2020)

Manit Camp, 2020

MEI will begin enrolling students in Manit Camp, a program for Marshallese Youth in March 2020

MEI mentors and students gather to discuss the Bwebwenato Project at the MEI Office

Marshallese high school students on a field trip to the UA, a poster of JociAnna Chong Gum, a pre-med student at the UA showcased at our MyED event. (MEI photos)

Dennis Melong, an NWACC student who plans to go into the teaching profession, works with students at Hellstern Middle School. Carlnis Jerry leads a Marshallese History and Culture class. (MEI Photos)

MEI Director Carlnis Jerry works with students on jewelry-making, Paul Lokebol and middle school students learn handicraft-making from elder Shine Benkim at an event at the Walton Arts Center. (MEI Photos)


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