Since MEI's founding our organization has worked to raise educational attainment levels of Marshallese residents and have worked with Marshallese youth on college enrollment. We also have hosted empowerment projects, including promoting Marshallese traditional arts and culture, Marshallese music, Marshallese awareness of history and culture, and the twin existential threats of nuclear testing and climate change. MEI also facilitates Marshallese elders' sharing knowledge with Marshallese youth through projects like Songs of Our Atolls. MEI offers a Marshallese Youth Academy and anticipates opening a Marshallese Academic Center in 2022.


Youth gather for the Our Shared Nuclear Legacy Youth Day on June 30th, supported by the Walmart Foundation. NNC's Ariana Tibon speaks from Majuro. MARK Harmony and MEI staff pose with elder Shine Benkim during the Songs of Our Atolls project supported by CACHE and the Walton Foundation. 

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Need $$ for college? Watch this video about applying for FAFSA for US federal financial aid.

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Scholarship Deadlines for Seniors

Republic of the Marshall Islands Scholarship

ph. (692) 625 – 3108 / 5770



Spring – Nov 1

University of Arkansas scholarships for Fall 2021 - Nov. 15

Enrollment Information for local colleges/universities:


2-year college that provides associates degrees; also offers workforce development training and certificates, and training in health professions

Main campus in Bentonville, new Washington Co. Center (behind Arvest Ballpark) opened in Springdale Jan. 2020

University of Arkansas

4-year university that offers bachelors degrees and graduate level degrees in various fields

Main campus in Fayetteville, AR

John Brown University

a private, Christian 4-year university that offers bachelors degrees and graduate level degrees

Main campus in Siloam Springs, AR


an adult education and workforce training center offering high school equivalency diplomas and certificates

Springdale, AR 

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Marshallese Youth Academy, Spring 2022
(accepting students Fall 2021)

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Marshallese high school students on a field trip to the UA (below), Benetick and Marcina share Marshallese history to a class at Har-Ber HS (above).

Ed.Vantage Series Part 2

Dennis Melong works with students at Hellstern Middle School. Carlnis Jerry leads a Marshallese History and Culture class. (MEI Photos)

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MEI Director Carlnis Jerry works with students on jewelry-making, Paul Lokebol Swington and middle school students learn handicraft-making from elder Shine Benkim at an event at the Walton Arts Center. (MEI Photos)


Since our founding in 2013, MEI has worked to raise educational attainment levels by hosting scholarship workshops, assisting with financial aid applications, and holding enrollment fairs.​ Marshallese enrollment in higher education climbed from 14 Marshallese college students enrolled at NorthWest Arkansas Community College and only 1 student enrolled at the University of Arkansas in 2013, to roughly 40 Marshallese students at NWACC and 6-8 at the University of Arkansas by 2019. Still, with an estimated population of 12,000+ in the NWA region, the number of Marshallese enrolled in higher education is disproportionately low.​