Marshallese Women's Advocacy Program

The Marshallese Women's Advocacy Program 1) increases access to justice for Marshallese female survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking, and 2) promotes women's empowerment through wholistic health practices.


As a STOP VAWA grant recipient, we

  • conduct outreach to raise awareness of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking 

  • inform Marshallese community members about available public resources

  • provide culturally appropriate training to help advocacy agencies and officials better serve Marshallese clients

  • provide interpreter services to improve communication and ease the process for Marshallese survivors to come forward and seek assistance

To promote women's empowerment, we

  • incorporate Whole Health Institute techniques and practices 

  • partner with Community Clinic on women's outreach activities

  • partner with UAMS on Healthy Start programming for young mothers

  • host women's support groups

MEI staff is actively seeking partner agencies to collaborate on programming!

Staff members:

Ms. Winona Kisino

Program Coordinator, STOP VAWA

Mr. Trina Marty

Project Specialist

WHI Facilitator


Ms. Carlnis Jerry

MEI Program Director

WHI Facilitator

Ms. Marcina Langrine

Communications Assistant for Women's programming 

Program Coordinator for Youth and ESG (COVID-19 Relief and Response)

Office phone:



Staff members, clockwise, Winona Kisino, Trina Marty, Carlnis Jerry, and Marcina Langrine