Marshallese Culture and History Class
Intercultural Competency Training 

Marshallese Culture and History Class

This 3 hour class, specifically geared toward K-12 educators with its humanities-based approach, includes a basic overview of Marshallese history and culture, information on matrilineality, U.S.-R.M.I. relations, including the Compact of Free Association, and the Marshallese diaspora in Arkansas and the greater Midwest. We will focus on topics relevant to educators, specifically the differences in the educational system in the RMI and the US and how to speak with Marshallese families about their child. The training will include brief language instruction and an extended Q&A period for participants, who will receive reading materials in advance. Students will receive a certificate of completion.


Professional Development for Teachers

MEI offers shorter versions of its class to meet needs of schools that only have learning windows of 45 min presentations and longer. 


InterCultural Competency Training

MEI offers other trainings geared toward businesses and agencies with content specific to match you particular needs. Trainings range from 1 hour to a full day.

Registration:  Contact MEI at
Cost: by individual or group; covers all materials

Format:  In-person or via Zoom

Courses are taught by MEI Program Director Carlnis Jerry, who has worked as a liaison with the Springdale School District for more than a decade, MEI Cofounder Dr. April Brown, a history professor at NWACC and US foreign policy specialist, and Benetick Kabua Maddison, MEI Project Specialist on Youth, Nuclear, and Climate Issues who has presented on climate and nuclear issues at conferences and webinars.

For questions or to enroll, email MEI directly at with contact information, the names and number of participants, and affiliation. 

The Marshallese Educational Initiative is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in July 2013 in northwest Arkansas that specializes in humanities programming. MEI has been offering a class since 2016.


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