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The Delta variant of COVID-19 is currently the most dominant strain of the virus and is very contagious. Get vaccinated to defend against it!

update from Mercy Hospital, July 2021:


The percentages of unvaccinated COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths across the state and in our region this year (2021) are staggering.  Arkansas Health Department (ADH) reports:


  • Over 90% of current active cases are not fully immunized

  • Almost 99% of those hospitalized for COVID-19 are not immunized

  • Over 99% of those who died due to COVID-19 were not immunized


For those that are fully vaccinated, there is good news. As your medical providers and medical community, we know vaccines protect against diseases that can be harmful to you and others. We also know vaccines save and lengthen lives. The science and data validate that for the COVID-19 vaccine too.  We also know that if you are fully COVID-19 immunized, it will:


  • Prevent you from getting COVID-19 or from becoming seriously ill or dying due to COVID-19

  • Prevent you from spreading the COVID-19 virus to others

  • Add to the number of people in the community who are protected from getting COVID-19 — making it harder for the disease to spread and contributing to herd immunity

  • Prevent the COVID-19 virus from spreading and replicating, which allows it to mutate and possibly become more resistant to vaccines

MEI's Covid-19 Response and Relief Project 

Marshallese community members across the United States have been disproportionately affected by Covid-19.

We are especially vulnerable to coronavirus because our community has one of the highest diabetes rates in the world, due in part, to the legacy of nuclear testing. Having relocated to the United States since the 1980s as Compact of Free Association migrants, we often work in jobs considered essential services and live in multigenerational households.

In response to this pandemic, MEI has delivered healthy  foods to families in quarantine and assisted families with funeral expenses. MEI continues to provide educational materials through video PSA's and literature, rental and utility assistance, and cleaning supplies/PPE through various government grants and from the support of generous corporate and private funders. 

MEI's Covid-19 educational videos are supported, in part, by grants from Tyson Foods, CARES Act funding, and private donations.

Marshallese physician, Sheldon Riklon, MD, describes the importance of getting a flu shot.

Rental Assistance

Through an ESG-Covid-19 Grant through DHS, MEI is offering rental assistance for Marshallese and PI residents in Washington, Benton, Carroll, and Maddison Counties to prevent homelessness. 

Case Managers:  Marcina Langrine and Rotha Mejbon-Samuel

Call 479-365-7019 


Requirements include an eviction notice from the landlord

Click here for a preliminary application. Notice:  as of July, we have temporarily suspended new applications. We have spent roughly $140,000 in rental assistance since December and are waiting for reimbursement (for March-present) so that we have the capital to resume payments. A case manager will contact you once we are able to begin accepting new clients.

PPE and Cleaning Supplies

MEI is still accepting donations and has a limited supply of diapers, thermometers, oximeters, household cleaning supplies, Tylenol, and food. 

Contact our office:  479-365-7019 

Fun video by Marshallese band, MARK Harmony, on safety guidelines

Other Services:
Translation / Interpreter Services
Educational Videos and PSA's
MEI provides video services in Marshallese and English.
Contact MEI for more information:

Marshallese Covid-19 Survivors' Testimony

A message from the Covid-19 Task Force about safety guidelines and the holidays

Thanksgiving PSA reminder from the RMI Consulate General Eldon Alik

I Wear A Mask PSA


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2004158 Riklon Facebook Live Show Graphi
2004158 Riklon Facebook Live Show Graphi
2004158 Riklon Facebook Live Show Graphi

Please get your information from trusted sources. Due to the amount of misinformation about COVID-19, we recommend getting your information from the CDC, WHO, and health professionals. We and our partners will keep you informed about information in Marshallese.

Websites in English:

Centers for Disease Control



Arkansas Department of Health

Northwest Arkansas Council

Washington (state)

King County / Seattle, Public Health


World Health Organization

Social Distancing

What is "social distancing"?

What is Social
Social Dist Marshallese
Social Distancing Engl

Symptoms of COVID-19

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Prevention / Safety  Measures 

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What is COVID-19? Prevention, What to do if you're sick (from UAMS, King County, WA)
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Pregnancy/Bororo and/im COVID-19
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