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Carlnis Jerry describes what to do if you think you have COVID-19
New! Social Distancing
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What is "social distancing"?

What to do when social distancing?

Who to Call if you're sick (NW Arkansas)

Screening and Testing information NW Arkansas

Em̗ōj an UAMS keboj juōn nam̗ba n̄an an armej kūr l̗ok n̄e ewōr aer kajjitōk ak n̄e rej en̄jaake ke emaron̄ wōr kakal̗l̗e in nan̄inmej ibāer. Nam̗ba in ej 1-800-632-4502. UAMS HealthNow ej bar bel̗l̗ok n̄an kakōlkōl ikijjien COVID-19 im ejjel̗ok wōnen. N̄an tōbar UAMS HealthNow, etal n̄an im jibed “Begin Screening.” Jikin jiban̄ in ej bel̗l̗ok 24 awa juōn raan, 7 raan ilo juōn week n̄an aolep rinan̄inmej jekdron jete aer iiō ibelaakin Arkansas im maron̄ in kūr l̗ok jen telebo̗n, tablet, im computer ko im ewōr video ie.


UAMS has set up a coronavirus hotline for people who have questions or feel they may have symptoms. The number is 1-800-632-4502. UAMS HealthNow is also available for free COVID-19 screenings. To access UAMS HealthNow, go to and click on “Begin Screening.” This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to patients of all ages across the state of Arkansas and is accessible from a smart phone, tablet, laptop or computer with video capabilities.

Symptoms of COVID-19

Prevention / Safety  Measures 

Document downloads

Symptoms of COVID-19 (Marshallese)

Please get your information from trusted sources. Due to the amount of misinformation about COVID-19, we recommend getting your information from the CDC, WHO, and health professionals. We and our partners will keep you informed about information in Marshallese.

Websites in English:

Centers for Disease Control



Arkansas Department of Health

Washington (state)

King County / Seattle, Public Health


World Health Organization

What is COVID-19? Prevention, What to do if you're sick (from UAMS, King County, WA)
Pregnancy/Bororo and/im COVID-19
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