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**Special announcement for RMI citizens wanting to enter the RMI

MAJURO, July 13, 2021 (MHT; UTC+12:00) - Kōjjeļā in ej jen Opij eo an Chief Secretary eo an M̧ajeļ n̄an aolep ro rej kōņaan deļo̧n̄e M̧ajeļ. Jouj im lale meļeļe kein itu laļ im n̄e ewōr kajjitōk, kepaake National Disaster Management Office eo ilo ak +692 625-6366.

This announcement is from the Office of the Chief Secretary of the Republic of the Marshall Islands for citizens who want to enter the RMI. Please read the information provided in the link and if you have questions, contact the National Disaster Management Office at or +692 625-6366.


Relief and Response information

MEI Staff are now assisting Marshallese residents enroll in Medicaid

New applications for rental assistance are now being accepted. Contact our office for an application.


MEI is accepting donations to mitigate COVID-19's effects on the Marshallese community. MEI is part of the local Marshallese Covid-19 Response Task Force working to address immediate needs, such as utility and rental assistance. We are also working on more long-term goals to help address systemic, structural inequalities. Ask how you can help!

Donations are accepted online or via check made out to MEI. We use Paypal or Square via our Contribute page, and on our GoFundMe site.


Kommool for your support!


The MEI office is currently closed to the public, but our staff are still working and practicing health / safety protocols.

With the Delta variant of COVID-19 spreading, we encourage everyone to take the vaccine.


MEI is partnering with UAMS and Community Clinic and can help identify locations to get your shot!


If possible, please connect with us via phone, email or FB messenger. Kommool.


The Marshallese Educational Initiative is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization located in Springdale, Arkansas, where the highest concentration of Marshallese in the continental United States reside.


We were founded in July 2013 by non-Marshallese educators and Marshallese community members to raise awareness of Marshallese history and culture and facilitate dialogue by blending academic research with community outreach.


Today, we offer a variety of services and programming specific to women, youth, and seniors, and the agencies that serve them, as well as programming in the arts and humanities thanks to major funding through the Office of Insular Affairs (DOI). We partner with UAMS NW on a variety of health-oriented initiatives, and as a STOP VAWA grant recipient (DOJ), we raise awareness of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking. Since the pandemic, we have been assisting Marshallese residents with utility and rental assistance, addressing food insecurity issues, and providing PPE and cleaning supplies. Visit our Covid-19 page for more information.


One of our primary goals with the Marshallese community is to raise educational attainment levels from GED to higher education. We have also actively worked to raise awareness among non-Marshallese of the ongoing biological, ecological, and cultural consequences of U.S. nuclear testing and climate change. 


We offer translation and interpreter services, and classes and intercultural competency trainings geared toward public school teachers, healthcare providers, and other agencies that serve Marshallese clients.


As a proud intercultural organization, we actively promote and facilitate dialogue among diverse communities

to foster positive social change.

Click here to learn more about MEI and our team.


Elder Programming

Women's Programming


Arts, Culture, & Humanities Programming

MEI Upcoming Events

MEI events promote and provide a safe space for intercultural dialogue.  

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, most scheduled events and activities are now online! 

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banner for 75th

Alele Arkansas Online - a virtual exhibit - Coming Fall 2021!

Stay tuned for information about our planned Alele Arkansas - a Marshallese Cultural and Community Center!

Want to learn more about Marshallese history and culture?  Schedule a zoom class or Intercultural Competency Training.

See information below in MEI Services.

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Image 4.jpeg

Enewetak basket, ca. 1977

Walker Collection

Classes and InterCultural Competency Training

Contact us for more information and pricing.

MEI offers a three-hour humanities-based class geared toward the general public and educators about Marshallese history and culture. We also offer Intercultural Competency Trainings (1.5 hrs to full-day) for businesses, organizations, and government agencies. Contact us to determine which offering is best for your group!


Note: Classes and trainings are currently scheduled via Zoom


Translation and Interpreter Services 

English-Marshallese, Marshallese-English translation services using the new style (Marshallese-English Dictionary, 1979) that is officially sanctioned by the Marshall Islands government. We also can provide translation in the older version of the language, if needed. Contact us for more information and pricing. Our clients include public schools, universities, state government organizations, ngos, and businesses throughout the United States.


Get in touch with Marshallese Educational Initiative to learn more about our work and how to get involved.

Your support makes our work possible!  

Please contribute to MEI!  All donations to MEI are tax-deductible.  We appreciate your support!

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