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Marshallese Educational Initiative

a not-for-profit organization

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The Marshallese Educational Initiative is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization located in Springdale, Arkansas, where the highest concentration of Marshallese reside outside of the home islands.

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MEI was founded in July 2013 by non-Marshallese educators and Marshallese community members to raise awareness of Marshallese history and culture and facilitate dialogue by blending academic research with community outreach. Today, our organization is led by an extraordinary group of Marshallese community leaders and advocates.


MEI staff serve our community through direct outreach, helping Marshallese residents navigate life in Arkansas and the United States. We offer programming to empower Marshallese youth, women, and elders, and share our history and culture through humanities-based projects and through classes and trainings. We work closely with our partners to better health outcomes of our community members, especially given the health inequities that exist. We continue to work to increase educational attainment levels of Marshallese from GED through higher education, and remain committed to educate the world of the ongoing consequences of nuclear testing and climate change on Marshallese bodies and lands.

We offer translation and interpreter services, and since 2016, we have offered classes and intercultural competency trainings geared toward public school teachers, healthcare providers, and other agencies that serve Marshallese clients.


As a proud intercultural organization, we value diversity and respect everyone's voice. We embrace ippān doon as we promote and facilitate dialogue among diverse communities to foster positive social change. 

Meet Our Team

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Learn more about the Marshallese in Arkansas and our shared nuclear legacy.


Get in touch with Marshallese Educational Initiative to learn more about our work and how to get involved.

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