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Island mural in Springdale, Arkansas (MEI Photo)


The Marshallese Educational Initiative is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization located in Springdale, Arkansas, where the highest concentration of Marshallese in the continental United States reside.

We were founded in 2013.


Our Mission Statement:  Through educational programming, MEI promotes the cultural, intellectual,

and historical awareness of the Marshallese people and facilitates intercultural dialogue

to foster positive social change.

With a staff of Marshallese, Marshallese-Americans, and Americans, MEI serves both the Marshallese and non-Marshallese populations through direct outreach and cultural programming.

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Namdrik alap and Con-Con Ajlok Beasa (MEI Photo)

MEI provides services to both the Marshallese and non-Marshallese communities.
Through our new Resource and Educational Center in Springdale, Arkansas, MEI provides a walk-in service to Marshallese residents, including a notary service, life skills workshops, assistance with applications, including FAFSA and college enrollment/scholarships.
MEI specializes in humanities and arts and culture programming specifically with Marshallese youth, women, and elders. 
Our staff works to facilitate dialogue between Marshallese and non-Marshallese residents by providing cultural competency training to area agencies that serve Marshallese clients and classes for the general public and K-12 educators. We also offer translation, interpreter, and consultation services.

Youth and Elder Programming

Arts & Humanities

MEI Events
Upcoming Events

MEI events promote and provide a safe space for intercultural dialogue.  

Click below to learn more about our events as well as any community events we are promoting. Follow us on Facebook to keep up-to-date on all MEI activities.

Marshallese Culture Class for K-12 teachers

Friday, March 6, 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM

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MEI is offering a class geared toward K-12 educators. The class will provide a background to Marshallese history and culture and will focus on the differences in educational systems, understanding family dynamics, how Marshallese value education, and tips on talking with Marshallese parents/care providers. 

For more info, email us at

MEI Services


Translation and Interpreter Services 


English-Marshallese, Marshallese-English translation services using the new style (Marshallese-English Dictionary, 1979) that is officially sanctioned by the Marshall Islands government. We also can provide translation in the older version of the language, if needed. Contact us for more information and pricing. Our clients include public schools, universities, state government organizations, ngos, and businesses throughout the United States.

Classes and Cultural Competency Training

We offer classes on Marshallese history and culture and provide specialized trainings for organizations, agencies, and businesses who work directly with the Marshallese population.  

Contact us for more information and pricing.


Get in touch with Marshallese Educational Initiative to learn more about our work and how to get involved.


Your support makes our work possible!  

Please contribute to MEI!  All donations to MEI are tax-deductible.  We appreciate your support!


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