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Richard Laraya
Community Health Worker
Media Director
Car Seat Technician

Having joined MEI in 2018, Richard has had many roles at the nonprofit. He is MEI’s Community Health Worker and is the Director of Media. Richard led MEI’s digital outreach efforts during the pandemic and, through videos and social media, he played a significant role in educating the community about COVID-19 prevention efforts and the importance of vaccination. He is also a certified carseat technician who ensures that car seats are properly installed. Richard participates in direct outreach with the MEI outreach team and has traveled throughout the state of Arkansas and other states with significant Marshallese populations. Richard is passionate about serving his community and helping Marshallese families in need. He completed a Fatherhood Fire program and advocates for the importance of male role models for youth. He is married and has two children. He was born

Mr Laraya.jpg

on Majuro Atoll. His ultimate goal: to inspire others by showing them that lending a helping hand can make a huge difference in someone's life by building confidence in our problem-solving abilities and making the world a better place together!

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